Laser marking station

Laser marking station

Laser marking station is designed for automatic marking by laser and efficient processing and quality control with many customization options for various applications.

To mark the parts, the laser cell holder is loaded by a worker or automatically. After actuation of the switch, the rotary indexing table rotates and marking by laser begins. By decoupling the placement and the laser, efficient processing of the parts to be marked is achieved. The worker is protected from the laser beams by a partition wall. The marking process is observed through a viewing window made of laser protection glass.

The laser cell is equipped with an industrial PC with a robust stainless steel keyboard, which enables convenient and intuitive operation via a user interface.

Customer benefit: Flexible adaptation to different requirements

The laser cell can be flexibly adapted to different requirements so that laser marking can be carried out for a wide variety of products. Integration of the laser cell into automation systems with automatic placement and removal is possible.

Technical Data:

  • size:
    • h = 2000 mm
    • w = 1000 mm
    • l = 1240 mm
  • z-axis with a travel of 100 mm
  • rotary indexing table with turntable (diameter: 800 mm)
  • light curtain to protect the worker
  • Illumination of the laser area and the input area
  • Enclosure according to laser protection class 1
  • Safety circuits with automatic shutdown of the laser when opened
  • Control cabinet air conditioning
  • Industrial PC (fanless, dust protected)
  • Exhaustion of the gases generated during the laser process
  • Easy adjustment of the focus by means of 2-point laser (Focus Finder)
  • Many other equipment variants possible

Further information:

Reference: Laser marking station

  • Cell for automatic marking by laser
  • efficient processing and quality control
  • many individualization options for various applications
  • loading and unloading can be done both automatically and manually

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Lars Palmi

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