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Assembly automation

Efficient assembly automation of several components in a special machine

With our assembly systems, we bundle all production steps of the fully automated assembly of various components in one special machine. Our modular system structure enables a fast, flexible and economical realisation of your requirements. We take into account all relevant upstream and/or downstream processes. For implementation, we select different machine concepts according to your task, for example: modular trays, rotary indexing tables, partially automated manual workstations, etc.

By recording and archiving the process parameters, we ensure the traceability of your fully automated assembly process.

Our solutions for your assembly automation

  • Feeding, separating and aligning
  • Gripping, handling and positioning
  • Screwing, riveting, caulking
  • Joining (pressing in/pressing in, gluing, welding)
  • Bending, cutting, punching

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Lars Palmi

Lars Palmi

Project Sales Automation Solutions

Chris Beierlein

Chris Beierlein

Internal Sales Automation Solutions

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