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Consulting on VDA19 and ISO 14644‑1

You need individual cleanliness requirements and defined cleanroom conditions? We advise you according to VDA 19 - Part 2 and DIN ISO 14644-1.

We accompany you in the implementation of your individual cleanliness requirements according to VDA 19 part 2

For more and more industries and production processes, it is important to protect small parts and complex assemblies from particle contamination and to create a controlled clean product environment. Due to the ever-increasing level of mechanization and automation, unwanted particle contamination can lead to functional problems. These must be avoided by creating defined cleanliness conditions (according to VDA 19 Part 2).

Our employees - certified by the Fraunhofer Institute IPA - for technical cleanliness will be pleased to advise you based on your cleanliness specifications and requirements for your product. Under Tel. 036604 - 8860 or vertrieb(at)mkf-automation.de we are gladly there for you.

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Performance of an ACTUAL analysis with determination of weak points and proposals for solutions for the realization of the customer requirement regarding the technical cleanliness of components according to VDA 19 Part 2 including:
    • Consideration of the surrounding environmental conditions
    • Consideration of the environmental conditions at assembly workplaces
    • Consideration of the interlinking processes within the clean zone or clean room to be created, as well as their interfaces to surrounding areas or areas separated from them.
  • Incorporation of the as-is analysis into jointly developed solution proposals for technical cleanliness
  • Support during implementation

We advise you on the implementation of defined cleanroom conditions based on DIN ISO 14644-1 as well as VDI 2083

Cleanrooms and associated cleanroom areas offer the possibility to ensure and monitor the contamination of air and surfaces to a certain degree. Particularly in aerospace engineering, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, as well as in the healthcare and food industries, checking and monitoring contamination in a cleanroom helps to maintain the integrity of products and processes.

Based on the method of approach formulated in the DIN ISO 14644-1 we offer the following consulting services:

  • Planning, construction and initial commissioning of cleanrooms according to VDI 2083 sheet 4.1
  • Evaluation of customer requirements as well as product requirements regarding particle limits
  • Creation of a checklist as an evaluation basis for the implementation of your project
  • Evaluation of the planned implementation of the cleanroom operation according to DIN ISO 14644-1 as well as according to VDI 2083 part 5.1
  • Qualification of your cleanroom

Further information:

Consulting on VDA Part 2 and DIN ISO 14644-1

  • Support in the implementation of your individual cleanliness requirements
  • As-is analysis with determination of weak points
  • Concept development and support during implementation

Further information (pdf)

Cleanliness and cleanroom requirements

  • Requirements for environmental conditions
  • Differentiation: non-regulated area, clean zone, clean room, cleanroom
  • Advice on Technical Cleanliness & Cleanroom 

Further information (pdf)


mkf works for customers with innovative products and high precision requirements. Therefore, our internal work processes are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (class 6) by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH.

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Lukas Kröber

Lukas Kröber

Sales technical cleanliness & cleanroom
Planner technical cleanliness and cleanroom

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Consulting on VDA‑19 part 2

Consulting on VDA‑19 part 2

When implementing your cleanliness requirements in accordance with VDA 19 Part 2, we support you by carrying out an actual state analysis and work with you to develop a solution for the realization of customer requirements with regard to the technical cleanliness of your components.