Automatic assembly of fast antigen tests

Flexible solution for the automated assembly of fast antigen tests

mkf realized the automatic assembly of digital antigen fast tests for Senova Gesellschaft für Biowissenschaft und Technik mbH. The product consists of 9 individual parts. All individual parts are positioned on the workpiece carriers by robots and automatically fed to the assembly. The individual parts are then assembled, tested and labeled. For this purpose, the plant has 18 assembly and processing stations and 14 robots are used. In order to protect the sensitive electronic components, the plant is located in an ESD protection zone. 

Production takes place in a drying room with max. 10% humidity. The infeed/outfeed processes of the individual parts and assemblies to/from the drying room are fully automatic.




  • Interlinking of the individual stations
  • Design and manufacture of the product-specific gripper technology
  • Development and implementation of the test processes for the assembly 
  • Realization of the interface from the fully automated 
  • assembly process to the manual packaging process
  • fully automated infeed/outfeed of the individual parts and assemblies to/from the drying room 
  • integration of higher-level components (robotics)
  • Consideration of the requirements of the drying room
  • design of the plant according to ESD standard
  • loading and unloading of the plant with the individual parts by means of AGV robots



Customer advantage: Different product variants can be produced on one plant.

Due to the innovative line concept, it is possible to assemble different product variants on one line. The gripper technology was designed and manufactured specifically for different product variants. 

Due to the current situation and the high demand for corona antigen rapid tests, the plant had to be designed, produced and commissioned particularly quickly. 


Further information:

References: Automated assembly of fast antigen tests

  • Assembly, testing and labeling in 18 assembly and processing stations
  • Flexible assembly of product variants possible
  • Plant is designed according to ESD standard 
  • Consideration of the requirement of the drying room with max. 10% air humidity

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