Precautionary customer information

Possible bottlenecks in gas supply

There are currently extensive media reports of a possible gas supply bottleneck and a complete gas supply freeze by Russia, which cannot be ruled out. Estimates differ as to how hard a gas freeze could hit Germany and its industry. The chemical industry and other sectors that are directly dependent on gas in the production process would be particularly affected.

The situation at mkf

We at mkf do not use gas in the production process, but "only" for heating our buildings. Therefore, there will be no negative impact on customer orders in the near future. Should we be affected by a reduction in gas supply in the winter months, which cannot be estimated at present, there would be heating outages, which we will then counteract with suitable measures.

The situation with upstream suppliers

In contrast to the situation at mkf, upstream suppliers could possibly be affected by outages - especially suppliers of aluminum and steel, as production here is highly dependent on gas. To counter possible supply shortfalls, we have therefore massively increased our inventory levels, especially for aluminum profiles.


We are monitoring the situation very closely and will work intensively to avoid any interruptions to production. A daily inventory analysis, high stock levels as well as the close exchange with our suppliers will ensure the supply as far as possible. Should your order nevertheless be delayed, we will inform you promptly and proactively.

Christian Voigt

Managing Director mkf GmbH