The sluice for your individual hygiene concept

Implement individual hygiene concepts without increased personnel costs with cleanstage 

Social distancing is still the order of the day to slow down and prevent the spreas of the coronavirus as much as possilble. Nevertheless, where large numbers of people need to meet, additional protective measures become necessary. Many companies, puplic institutions and retailers have to implement an individual hygiene concept. With the hygiene sluice cleanstage, mkf offers a flexible possibility to provide support via access restrictions and compliance with hygiene standards (e.g. limitation of the number of people in a room, hand desinfection, mask recognition, etc.)


Access restriction for visitors and employee traffic control 

The cleanstage can be used to restrict access for visitors and employees. It supports compliance with important hygiene standards - for example, limiting the number of people in a room, mask recognition or touch-free hand desinfection.

Possible areas of application:

  • Schools, public authorities
  • Old people´s/residential homes, hospitals 
  • Commercial facilities
  • Events and hotels 
  • Industry

Your individual hygiene concept conveniently integrated

  • Modular and flexible interior design
  • Use in outdoor areas
  • Vandalism proof
  • Lockable
  • Visitor flow with approx. 10 persons/min


Individual and customizable - desgin cleanstage according to your requirements 

You can customize cleanstage according to your requirements. We will be happy to advise you and develop our hygiene sluice together with you.

Intelligent access restriction:

  • Release ot the turnstile only after hand desinfection
  • Entrance counter for persons entering
  • Control of the number of persons within an area by combination of entrance and exit counter incl. turnsile release


Additional equipment and barrier-free access:

  • Monitoring of body temperature by means of a thermal camera in conjunction with turnsile clearance
  • Anonymized mask recognition with the Virtual Doorman from natix
  • Connection of serveral locks (communication of the locks via LAN)
  • Personalizing of access according to your specifications (for exemple implemting a ticket system)
  • Integration of an alcohol test
  • Frost-proof version with additional heating element for the media room
  • Design for people with handicap
    • Wide access
    • High contrast optical design
    • Adapted positioning of the equipment 
  • Dispencer for gloves & protective masks
  • Special solutions according to your specifications 
  • Delivery of consumables by

Now new: the cleanstage with 2 access gates in one container

  • Integration of 2 accesses in one container
  • parallel control of access requirements (such as mask wearing, hand desinfection, ticket scan, temperature measurement, etc.) for faster access
  • many costumization options: available with the complete range of additional equipment


weitere Informationen

cleanstage - Die Schleuse für Ihr individuelles Hygienekonzept

  • Zugangsbeschränkung zur Kontrolle von Besucher und Mitarbeiterverkehr
  • Unterstützt die Einhaltung wichtiger Hygienestandards
  • Modular und flexibel
  • Individuell anpassbar

Further information (pdf)

Virtual Doormann

  • Erinnert die Besucher eine Maske zu tragen
  • Auslastungskontrolle in Echtzeit
  • Echtzeit-Anonymisierungs-KI auf der Kamera
  • Regelmäßige Aktualisierung der Software

Further information (pdf)

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Dirk Möder

Dirk Möder

Project Sales Technical Cleanliness and Cleanroom
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